TEDxWilsonPark – How I Overcame My Fear of Stuttering

One of my goals in life was to speak at a TED event, and I got a chance to do so in Sept. 2018.
TEDxWilsonPark in Florence, Alabama held their inaugural event and I was invited to share my talk “How I Overcame My Fear of Stuttering.”
I spoke about growing up with a stutter, the obstacles I faced, how my confidence was affected, and how I used this to power past my insecurities and pursue my dreams.

This TEDx is for everyone who is struggling with something and don’t think they can make it. We all can reach our goals if we just try and never give up. It may not be easy, but we have to keep going. We cannot accept defeat, take no for answer, or quit. We all must not let anything stop us.

Please watch this and share. I hope to inspire and give hope to people who want to do something, but they don’t think they can.

Love is love,


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