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Hey all, my name is LeRon L. Barton and I am a
writer and speaker focusing on personal
development and social justice. I write about
race, politics, and mass incarceration, and give
talks on how to be your truest self so you
can change the world.

I speak about:

Racism/Social Justice

Overcoming Adversity

Stuttering and Speech Disorders

Regaining Confidence

Redefining Masculinity

Diversity in Technology

Spoke and appeared at:
TEDxWilsonPark 2018
TEDxWilsonPark 2020
TEDxFarmingdale 2020
University of San Francisco
Al Jazeera
Navis Global
The City of Cupertino
Zuyd University
Sight Machine
and more......


Wow this actually made me breakdown and cry. Thank you for this video. I have been trying to overcome my stutter ever since I could talk. My family didn’t understand me and would hit me or make fun of me every time I stuttered. I am the only one I know with a stutter so it is amazing to hear from other people who have the same. I improved through loads of public speaking, but still have episodes of stuttering when I read out loud. But like you said, I own my stutter. It’s a part of who I am, but it does not define me. THANK YOU AGAIN, this is THE best TedX talk I’ve ever seen. – Julia Butcher Just reaching out to say thank you for your Ted talk. Your story couldn’t be more relatable to mine. Having a tough time speaking in presentations, job interviews, dates, etc. It always seems to be this up and down roller coaster. I feel as if I’m on the verge of being able to lead seminars but not quite confident enough yet. This morning (I don’t know for what reason) I had the toughest time communicating, so I was feeling down and found your video. Again, I appreciate you. Thanks! – R.Tyler Farrar Hello LeRon – I just heard Episode 23 of the podcast called Everyday Conversations on Race for Everyday People with Simma Lieberman.  I wanted to reach out and say Thank You.  I am a white woman age 43 living in a small town northeast of Seattle.  I interact with very few black people in my everyday work and home life.  I really appreciate the candor with which you shared your experiences and perspectives on racism in your everyday life and in our world.  It has given me a window into your worldview and helped me see new ways that racism shows up in the world that have previously been invisible to me.  I look forward to exploring your writing and learning through your work.  Thank you for powerfully bringing yourself into the public space.  It helps me learn. – Shari Franjevic Stumbling across LeRon Barton’s TEDX talk was a happy accident. As soon as he started speaking, I was hooked and just had to watch the entire video. LeRon’s talk not only captivated me, but I felt like I related to it on a deep and personal level. Even though I myself don’t have a stutter, LeRon talks about matters that resonate with people from a wide array of backgrounds. For example, I grew up with my own challenges and setbacks like poverty, addiction, and mental illness, so when he spoke of resilience and overcoming hardships, I couldn’t help but apply his words to my own experiences. LeRon’s speaking is not only captivating and compelling, but it’s also incredibly inspiring and motivating, which is exactly what you want in a speaker. As soon as the video of his TEDX, ended I had to leave LeRon a comment and connect with him. As it turns out, he’s not a “one hit wonder.” His writing is equally as thoughtful and engaging as his speaking. Every time I read LeRon’s work, I find myself nodding along, exclaiming “Yes! Exactly!” The messages he shares are so important and timely, I find myself sharing his work because rest of the world needs to hear, too. If you need a speaker or writer in the motivational, personal development, or social justice spaces, you would be remiss to overlook LeRon Barton. – Erin Sanchez To contact me, click here

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